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Trial by jury is a fundamental principle of our system of justice and a citizen's right to a trial by jury can be traced back to both the United States Constitution and the Texas Declaration of Independence. Although the right to a jury trial is considered a fundamental safeguard of each American's constitutional liberties, the concept of a jury trial is hardly new, dating back to medieval England.

Your jury summons puts you in the center of this most basic right of all Americans. The United States and the State of Texas Constitutions guarantee a right to trial by jury for anyone accused of a crime, regardless of his or her race, religion, gender, national origin or economic status. Any time the facts of a civil or criminal case are in dispute, the parties have a right to have their case heard by a jury of fair and impartial citizens who will make decisions without bias or prejudice.

Jury Duty Scam

REMINDER... this JURY SCAM continues to occur across the State and has been reported by Wise Eyes in the past.

Johnson County Jury Services have been notified, from citizens, they are receiving reports of a scam where citizens have received calls from one or more individuals posing as a Court Clerk advising the called party that a warrant is being issued on them for failure to appear for Jury Duty. In several of the reported incidents, the poser advises the called party that they can take care of the warrant by having them to send a payment in the form of a "green dot" card. However in some instances no request for warrant payment was given to the called party. In most all of the complaints received the citizen (potential victim) has advised that the caller knows a lot of personal information about them.

There is a recurring number the calls are received from and when dialed, this number has a recorded message that states the purported Clerks Name and he is unavailable, "please leave a message and I will return your call."

In other reported incidents the citizen has received a letter from the "District Clerk's Office" utilizing the same MO as those where citizens receive a telephone call.

DO NOT be deceived. If you receive a call like this contact your local law enforcement agency and report it. Government agencies are not going to request anyone to pay their fine with a Green Dot card.

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